Spectators are only permitted to stand in authorized areas designated by green netting or green tape.
Standing in any other area is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the cancelation of the special stage! Please do not spoil everybody else’s enjoyment!

Spectators cannot enter special stages nor move alongside, on the road or nearby, 30 minutes before the start of the first car and until the end of the special stage.

● Be patient when travelling between stages.
● Always do as marshals ask; comply with instructions given by the organizers or policemen.
● Do not park outside authorized car parks or in forbidden areas.
● Never walk on a stage.
● Keep only on designated paths.
● Do not remove any signs or boards.
● Don’t stand in a « NO Public area » / Respect private properties.
● Always keep the start and finish areas free.
● Always keep an eye on your children
● Don’t bring your pets.

● Respect the environment, crops, vineyards, rivers.
● Take your rubbish home with you or dispose of it in the bins.
● Make sure you leave nothing (tissue, stubs, bottle tops, etc.)
● Refrain from picking flowers: species might be protected.
● Do not climb trees.
● Barbecues, fires and unauthorized camping are strictly forbidden.

The French Motorsports Federation recalls that the use of drones, flying over the public and competition vehicles, is strictly prohibited. Marshals and Gendarmerie will enforce the law.


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