For several years now the French Motor Sports Federation has made environmental performance, devoted to all branches of motor sport and activities it oversees, one of its main priorities.

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Like any public event, the French round of the World Rally Championship attracts conveys and gathers thousands of persons (organizers, spectators, volunteers…) coming from all over the world. All of those people, plus the FFSA and its partners, reckon the necessity to protect and preserve the magnificent natural areas in which the rally takes place.


● Public transport for guests and VIPs,
● Supply of shuttle buses for the organizing team,
● Use of public transport and car sharing strongly recommended to spectators,
● Installation of selective sorting dustbins and daily rubbish collection in public zones,
● Installation of recovery containers for used oils and special liquids in the Service Park.


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● Take your rubbish home with you or use the waste containers and recycling bins at your disposal on the Service Park and the stages,
● Use car sharing as often as possible and optimize your travels,
● Decrease paper usage and prefer digital format,
● Use recycled bags,
● Report any start of fire you are aware of,
● Do not let your engine turn when stationed,
● Respect the environment, crops, vineyards, rivers,
● Make sure you leave nothing behind (tissues, stubs, bottle tops, etc.),
● Refrain from picking flowers: species might be protected,
● Do not climb trees,
● Barbecues, fires and unauthorized camping are strictly forbidden.

The FFSA is proud to confirm and communicate the accreditation granted by the FIA regarding their commitment and respect of the environmental protection within the framework of the WRC French round organization. The “3-Star Level” accreditation was granted in May 2018.

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