2019 – SS 14 (Power Stage): Calvi

2019 – SS 14 (Power Stage): Calvi


Find out the details of one of the 14 special stages that will constitute the 2019 CORSICA linea – Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of Dominique Serieys, dive into SS 1-4 (Power Stage):

Dominique Serieys, CORSICA linea – Tour de Corse 2019 Director:

« Start in the Crovani bay just beside the old Argentella mine. The well-worn road traverses agricultural land first of all and then continues overhanging the sea – sometimes in a vertiginous manner – with the La Revellata peninsula in the background. The finishing line is located just after the ND de la Serra road, 3mn from the centre of Calvi.»

Key points:
– Sunday, March 31rd
– 1st car: 12:18 PM
– Distance: 19.34 km
– Road closure: 2 hours and 30 minutes before the passage of the first crew
– Number of public zones: 7 near Calvi


Spectators map SS14:


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