2019 – SS 13: Eaux de Zilia

2019 – SS 13: Eaux de Zilia


Find out the details of one of the 14 special stages that will constitute the 2019 CORSICA linea – Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of Dominique Serieys, dive into SS 13!

Dominique Serieys, CORSICA linea – Tour de Corse 2019 Director:

« Start at the Tesa auberge followed by a passage to the golf de Regino and the lac de Codole before a spectacular hairpin bend at the entry to Feliceto followed by a very quick passage through Muro and Avapessa before a radical change of direction in Cateri.The crews then climb up to the Salvi pass 510m above sea level before tackling a long, twisty technical downhill run with a spectacular view on Calvi. Unfortunately, the crews won’t have time to enjoy this! The finish will take place on the plain below Montemaggiore and its five very spectacular hairpins. »

Key points:
– Sunday, March 31rd
– 1st car: 09:45 AM
– Distance: 31.85 km
– Road closure: 07:15 AM
– Number of public zones: 8 near Cateri, Tintorajo and Montemaggiore


Spectators map SS13:


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