2018 – SS 5 & 8 Cagnano – Pino – Canari

2018 – SS 5 & 8 Cagnano – Pino – Canari


Find out the details of one of the seven special stages that will constitute the 2018 CORSICA linea – Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of Dominique Serieys, dive into SS5 & 8.

Dominique Serieys, CORSICA linea – Tour de Corse 2018 Director:

 “After a tricky crossing in the underbrush that includes the Cagnano hairpins the crews face a rapid climb up to the Serra pass (294m) and then a descent punctuated with corners bringing them to Luri. Next comes a much wider road on which the cars reach much higher speeds as they climb up to the spectacular crossing of the Santa-Lucia pass (381m). They then head for the west coast of the Cap via a technical downhill section where a radical change awaits them at the entrance to Pino because the second half of the stage takes place on a very narrow, twisty road that gives an exceptional view of the Agriates on the horizon. After going through the villages of Barrettali and Canari, a final hairpin awaits the drivers before the finish.”

 Key points:
– Saturday, April 7th
– 1st car: 07:37 AM (SS5) & 03:21 PM (SS8)
– Distance: 35.61km
– Road closure: 05:07AM
– Number of public zones: 17
– Number of public safety commissioners: 11

Spectators Map


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