2017 – SS 9: Antisanti – Poggio di Nazza

2017 – SS 9: Antisanti – Poggio di Nazza


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the ten special stages that will constitute the 2017 Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of David Serieys and Yves Loubet, dive into SS9.

David Serieys, Tour de Corse 2017 Director:

“The start of the longest stage in the rally will be given near the Purizzone hamlet after which the drivers will tackle a twisty uphill section that is very tricky in parts as far as Antisanti. The crews will race along a rapid road section on the mountainside alternating banked corners and technical portions to the highest point of the rally (815 m above sea level) before the village of Vezzani; they will also pass close to Rospigliani. A fast downhill run will take them to Pietroso in the direction of Maison Pieraggi. Then comes a change of direction as they follow the very narrow, bumpy Col de Cardo road to the Défilé de l’Inzecca before veering off to Lugo di Nazza on very narrow, winding sections that all the crews had to brave in the 1980s.The final section after Poggio di Nazza will demand intense concentration because of the frequent changes of road profile until the finish.”

Yves Loubet, former Corsican driver crowned European Rally Champion:

“It’s a classic of the Tour de Corse, which gathers a mix of what we can find in Corsica. This stage offers several types of tarmac and an outstanding kind of patchwork: smooth, abrasive, tricky, fast, narrow… We go through a lot of villages: Antisanti, Pietroso, Poggio-di-Nazza… Moreover, the crossing of Vezanni is awesome: it’s extremely fast, it resonates all over the streets… The beginning of the special stage is quite winding; then, there is a very fast ridge road that carries you to Vezanni and that offers some magical driving conditions. It’s wider and you can take some crazy trajectories. Well after Pietrosa, when you arrive to a small hill, there is a change of pace, like a thermal shock and then a three kilometers long road that brings you to the other side, below the “défilé de l’Inzecca”. It’s simply staggering for images and photos! Later, from Luggo-di-Nazza to Poggio-di-Nazza, it’s a quite difficult road to drive that is very rhythmed to the finish and the entrance can be considered as tricky. I remember this special stage when I used to be a rally driver: the Tour de Corse went regularly in these roads. Ari Vatanen notably punctured his tyres twice in this stage in 1985, I also think about Jean-Luc Thérier in 1982 that saw his R5 Turbo turned into ashes… In conclusion, a special stage filled with history!”

Key points:
Sunday April 9th
1st car: 08:58 AM
Distance: 53,78  km
Road closure: 06:28 AM
Road opening: 02:50 PM
Number of public zones : 35
2016 edition best time: Kris Meeke – 33:11.6
Recommended public zones: ZP16ab (from Ajaccio, take the roads T20 and D343 > Muraciole and Vezzani ; from Corte, take the roads T50/D143 and D43 > Noceta and Rospigliani), ZP23abcd (from Aleria, take the roads T10, D343, D343a and D344 > Ghisoni), ZP25 (from Ghisoni, take the road D344 > Ghisonaccia), ZP30 (from Ghisonaccia, take the roads D344 and CC > Lugo-di-Naza)


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