2017 – SS 5 & 7: La Porta – Valle di Rostino

2017 – SS 5 & 7: La Porta – Valle di Rostino


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the ten special stages that will constitute the 2017 Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of David Serieys and Pascal Trojani, dive into SS5 & 7.

David Serieys, Tour de Corse 2017 Director:

“One myth follows another with this stage that played such an important role in the glorious era of the Tour de Corse.Its length has been reduced by 5 km at the start. The stage begins with a technical uphill section to the Porta church, Castagniccia’s most symbolic monument and a legendary challenge in the Tour de Corse. The next test for the drivers is a narrow, twisty, road deformed in places, which runs through the Giocatojo village and crosses the Col Saint Antoine, one of the high points of the rally (687 m). The crews will then head downhill along roads with new and worn surfaces and quick, winding sections that will take them to Ortiporio, Penta Acquatella and Barchetta and its spectacular hairpin. They will join Campile after a radical change of surface on a hill climb-like section. A much twistier road on the mountainside brings them to Bisinchi and Castello di Rostino followed by the final section comprising a succession of downhill hairpins before they reach the finish not far from Valle di Rostino.”

Pascal Trojani, Corsican driver winner of the Tour de Corse in 2009:
“I am from a small village next to the La Porta church, from where the stage, which has been shortened this year, will start. I notably remember the check point in front of the church with Darniche, Munari passing… This is a square that allowed a lot of people to discover the rally!  The sections of this stage are quite diverse. It begins with a little abrasive and bumpy road to the Saint-Antoine hill. Then, a very tough downhill in a forest that is never sunny and therefore very wet. Later, the road goes wider like in a hill climb race, and the new WRC 2017 can fully use their power. In contrast, the following change of route to the right brings the drivers on a real Corsican road: very tough, winding and soiled… To finish, the last downhill to Valle di Rostino will offer some tough hairpins. These stage’s sections will certainly stand as key moments of the rally.”

Key points:
– Saturday, April 8th
– 1st car: 08:40 AM (SS5) & 02:28 (SS7)
– Distance: 48,71  km
– Road closure: 06:10 AM
– Road opening: 06:00 PM
– Number of public zones: 41
– Recommended public zones:  ZP5abc and ZP6abc (from Bastia or Aléria, take the roads T10/D506/D46 and D515 to la Porta), ZP28 and ZP29 (from Bastia or Ponte-Leccia take the roads  T20 and D15a > Castello-di-Rostino), ZP31, ZP35 and ZP38abc (from Ponte-Leccia, take the roads D71 and D15b > Morosaglia and Valle-di-Rostino)


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