2017 – SS 2 & 4: Plage du Liamone – Sarolla Carcopino

2017 – SS 2 & 4: Plage du Liamone – Sarolla Carcopino


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the ten special stages that will constitute the 2017 Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of David Serieys and Patrick Bernardini, dive into SS2 & 4.

David Serieys, Tour de Corse 2017 Director:

“The Plage de Liamone will be the major attraction at the start of the stage. Straight away the drivers will have to tackle a very quick uphill section on the way to Casaligione with its very tight hairpin, which always poses a problem.Then comes a change of pace and profile with a wide, twisty road leading to Pont de Furcina and then a string of quick corners and an uphill climb along a narrow winding bumpy road to the Calcatoggio hairpin.The road is very narrow and twisty so getting the apexes right will be a difficult task. The crews will cross the villages of Sant’ Andrea d’Orcino and Cannelle along a road that poses another technical challenge and brings them to the Sari d’Orcino hairpin. The next section is much wider and climbs uphill to Col de Sarzoggio followed by a pretty tricky downhill run to Sarrola-Carcopino, the end of the second stage.”

 Patrick Bernardini, Corsican driver two-time French Rally Champion:

“This special stage, with a distance of thirty kilometers, is less mythical than others but still displays some famous places. This includes particularly the notorious hairpins from Casaglione. At the beginning of the stage, the road is fast and wide, since it has been renovated for the local people. Before, the recces were quite complicated due the narrow roadway. After that, drivers reach a crossroad, the Furcina bridge and then they face the Calcatoggio hairpin. By the way, drivers will have to pay attention in the uphill climb, where there are always some cows on the road. On this part, the road is winding and narrow; it will be hard to cut the corners. Finally, the drivers can count on a fast and bumpy roadway with a lot of changes of pace. Overall, this stage is ideal to run some tests. There was an era where I used to go on these roads to make adjustments on my car. The local people know it by heart – I’ve often taken it to go to Sarrola – but it’s not very well-known by the public.
It’s a nice little stage, which follows a big one (SS1-3). In the nineties, the special stage was almost forty-one-kilometer long and we used to take it into the opposite direction. In 1996, I specifically remember starting at the third place behind Philippe Bugalski and François Delecour. I finished a few meters behind them, taking 1’59’’ over Bugalski and 1’48’’ over Delecour.
I was on fire!”

Key points:
– Friday April 7th
– 1st car: 11:14 AM (SS2) & 04:03 (SS4)
– Distance: 29,12  km
– Road closure: 08:44 AM
– Road opening: 07:25 PM
– Number of public zones: 17
– Recommended public zones:  ZP6abc (from Vico, take the roads D1 and D25 > Casaglione), ZP7ab (from Cargèse or Ajaccio, take the roads D81 and D601 > Casaglione), ZP8 (from Vico, take the roads D1 and D601 > Tiuccia), ZP15 (from  Vico, take the road D1 > Canelle)
2016 edition best time: Sebastien Ogier – 18:37.5

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