2016 – SS9 : Antisanti – Poggio-di-Nazza

2016 – SS9 : Antisanti – Poggio-di-Nazza


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the ten special stages that will constitute the 2016 Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of David Serieys and Yves Loubet, dive into SS9 that will link Antisanti to Poggio-di-Nazza.

David Serieys, Tour de Corse 2016 Director :

“There are two new sections in this stage: from kilometre 0.00 to kilometre 18.99 and then from kilometre 35.83 to kilometre 53.78. The start will be given near the Purizzone hamlet after which the drivers will tackle the longest stage in the rally starting with a twisty uphill section that is very tricky in parts as far as Antisanti. The crews will reach the village of Vezzani along a quick road section on the mountainside alternating banked corners and very technical portions; they will also pass close to Rospigliani. A fast downhill run will take them to Pietroso as they head for Maison Pieraggi. Then comes a change of direction as they follow the very narrow, bumpy Col de Cardo road to the Défilé de l’Inzecca after which they head for Lugo di Nazza on very narrow, winding sections that all the crews had to brave in the 1980s. The final section after Poggio di Nazza will demand intense concentration because of the frequent changes of road profile until the finish.”

Yves Loubet, former Corsican driver crowned European Rally Champion and  huge instigator of the layout for the renewal of the Tour de Corse:

“This stage is actually a mix of two different special stages. Usually, we used to start with the Antisanti stage and go right to reach Noceta. For the first time, the crews will go to Vezanni, and catch one of the Tour de Corse’s monuments. From the very start, it will be quite tortuous, with entertaining hairpin turns until the village of Antisanti. From there, up until Vezzani’s intersection, the pace is incredibly high: a mountain road on a ridge where everything goes really fast. Crossing through Vezanni is amazing, as well as the wider and smother road that goes down to Pietroso. Drivers will then take the same roard than if they were getting to the Inzecca defile, except that they will turn right for a downhill to Lugo-di-Nazza. In this stage, overall, it won’t be one, two or three pace changes but up to five! Between Lugo and Poggio-di-Nazza, it’s quite a hot spot to drive, with pieces of asphalt hidden in the wild grass. This stage brings back dozens of souvenirs from the 70’s and 80’s. I specifically think about the famous Vezzani hairpin where Vatanen had hit and blew a tire in 1985, or the well-known photo where Fréquelin follows Vatanen…”

Key figures:

Sunday, October 2nd
1st car: 8h58
53.78 km

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