2016 – SS 5-7: La Porta – Valle Di Rostino

2016 – SS 5-7: La Porta – Valle Di Rostino


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the ten special stages that will constitute the 2016 Tour de Corse. With the collaboration of David Serieys and Pascal Trojani, dive into SS5 & 7.

David Serieys, Tour de Corse 2016 Director :

“One myth follows another with this stage that was such an important part of the glorious era of the Tour de Corse. Today it has been named after one of the official partners of the event. This stage has two new sections: from kilometre 0.00 to kilometre 29.21 and then from kilometre 49.73 to kilometre 53.72. The stage begins in Pont de Rimitorio with a very technical uphill section to the Porta church, Castagniccia’s most symbolic monument. Next up for the drivers is a narrow, twisty, road deformed in places, which runs through the Giocatojo village, to cross the Col Saint Antoine, one of the high points of the rally. The crews will then head downhill along new and worn surfaces with quick, winding sections that will take them to Ortiporio, Penta Acquatella and Barchetta and its spectacular hairpin. They will join Campile after a radical change of surface and a hill climb-like section. A much twistier road along the mountainside will bring them to Bisinchi and Castello di Rostino followed by the final section comprising a succession of downhill hairpins before they reach the finish not far from Valle di Rostino.”

Pascal Trojani, Corsican driver winner of the Tour de Corse in 2009 :

“For me, it’s THE monument of the rally. It’s the great return of this stage that had not been run for a few years, and it’s clearly where the Tour de Corse can be won or lost. It starts with an uphill road with very few grip which ends on La Porta’s church. After that, there is a long section, very bumpy with many pace changes, which goes through Giocatojo and reaches the Saint-Antoine pass. The downhill is then very difficult and might be slippery depending on the weather. After a faster road and the famous Barchetta hairpin, it goes up to Campile where a right turn reaches a sinuous road that was part of the stage cancelled last year. The last section is very tricky, with many hairpins and an abrasive surface where the tires will be put to severe testing. With many spectators’ access points, it will be a very popular stage. It has been run on many occasions in the past, partially or completely, in every way possible. It has built the legend of the Tour. I remember Bernard Darnich and his Lancia Startos at La Porta’s church. This is where I discovered and fell in love with rallying when I was a kid.”


Key points :

Saturday October 1st
1st car : 9:22 a.m.
53,72 km

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