SS5 – Royal Kris Meeke

SS5 – Royal Kris Meeke


Kris Meeke sets an amazing fastest time in this first stage of the day. The Citroën driver finishes 17 seconds ahead of Mikkelsen and 17,3 seconds ahead of Sébastien Ogier who doesn’t continue on his yesterday’s performance of best times in-a-row. Craig Breen (+20.3s) finishes in fourth position, Jari-Matti Latvala (+25sec) in fifth. Ogier is still strongly leading the Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse with a 52.6s lead over Thierry Neuville. Mikkelsen is now only 6.4s behind the Belgian driver and Latvala is just 13.1s from the Hyundai. Kris Meeke makes his way through the overall classification and is back in 8th position, just 4.4s from Eric Camilli. All the WRC drivers have left with five hard compound tyres for this first loop.

Date: Saturday 1st October
Section: 3
Special Stage: SS5 La Porta – Valle di Rostino 1 (53.72 km)
Weather: Cloudy but hot
Road Conditions: Dry

1. OGIER / INGRASSIA – Volkswagen Polo R WRC
We had a bad start, I was too cautious and it was too slippy maybe. I didn’t want to take too many risks as it’s a more risky stage for punctures so I took it a little bit carefuly. I don’t need to take the risk.

9. MIKKELSEN / JAEGER – Volkswagen Polo R WRC
It was a clean stage, really difficult to manage the tyres and know how much to push. For me this stage is the most difficult of the rally. We can go much faster but you don’t know how much to push. That stage is the most tiring stage I’ve ever done. Proper, proper challenge.

20. PADDON / KENNARD – Hyundai New Generation i20 WRC
It’s a very, very difficult stage. The first 15-20km is downhill and we cooked the brakes so I lost confidence in them for the last 2/3rds. When we overlaid the data with our team mates, we saw were were pushing too much but when you dial back, then it’s hard to know how much.

3. NEUVILLE / GILSOUL – Hyundai New Generation i20 WRC
It’s not so bad. I was on a very smooth and consistant rhythm. I didn’t take any risks, I tried to take it very smooth and be careful with the brakes and I managed it very well.

2. LATVALA / ANTTILA – Volkswagen Polo R WRC
It’s a better start than yesterday morning. There were sections where my notes were not good enough. You have to be a bit more careful than last year, this year there are more technical sections.

4. SORDO / MARTI – Hyundai New Generation i20 WRC
It was a little slow. After yesterday I thought I’d try something new. It’s a difficult stage.

5. OSTBERG / FLOENE – Ford Fiesta RS WRC
I have the same problems that I always have. I’m a little bit frustrated.

12. TANAK / MOLDER – Ford Fiesta RS WRC
Far too many corners! It’s a tough job, I just have to do it. Very difficult stages but I try. The beginning of the stage not so bad but I try.

7. MEEKE / NAGLE – Citroen DS3 WRC
I really thought I was slow. The road was so dirty, I said when we came over the finsh that I’d be happy if I was within 20 seconds. I’m thinking about next year.

8. BREEN / MARTIN – Citroen DS3 WRC
The one stage that’s similar to back home and I didn’t push enough on it, I’m disappointed with my driving I could have been a lot better.

It’s a good start. It’s like yesterday morning, I wanted to avoid a puncture as the road is very dirty now. We slide on the gravel. It was OK.

I do not enjoy this type of stage with the car bouncing everywhere I am really struggling a lot.

32. KOPECKY / DRESLER – Skoda Fabia R5
I think that this stage was the same as last year, Pavel is really doing a great job. We try to push. For the first part we were quite on the limit.

82. BOUFFIER / GIRAUDET – Citroen DS3 R5
At the first corner – a hairpin, I pulled the handbrake and we spun. It’s like driving a rear wheel drive car, it’s not easy.

42. ABBRING / MARSHALL – Hyundai i20 R5
It is going better but the feeling is that there was no grip toward the end. I was losing time on the last kilometer. We are much closer than yesterday so it was a good start.

36. BONATO / BOULLOUD – Citroen DS3 R5
The car is OK but I’m not happy with my driving this morning but it’s OK, we are here. I was just too slow and was braking too early. I was not perfect!

83. SARRAZIN / RENUCCI – Hyundai i20 R5
I have an engine problem. I drove the stage with the engine cutting.

I had a spin on the last hairpin and I lost too much time.

40. MAURIN / THIMONIER – Skoda Fabia R5
Only one spin in a slow corner. the car came around very quickly, maybe I lost 10 seconds. Very difficult and we don’t take risks.

84. SUNINEN / MARKKULA – Skoda Fabia R5
A difficult stage, really difficult to manage the brakes.

34. LOUBET / LANDAIS – Citroen DS3 R5
Today it’s better. We take a maximum of tyres and attack but not so much.

85. MICHEL / DEGOUT – Skoda Fabia R5
The feeling with the car is very good. We lost the brakes toward the end of the stage.

41. SZCZEPANIAK / PTASZEK – Ford Fiesta R5
We went out yesterday, I don’t want to do it again so we take it easier.

72. ROSSEL / FULCRAND – Citroen DS3 R3T
The stage is the hardest of my career. It’s fantastic but it’s very difficult for the crews.

It’s very, very hard as we have no brakes, no tyres.

63. KOCI / KOSTKA – Citroen DS3 R3T
It was maybe the hardest stage of my life. We lost the brakes after 18km and had to cool them down and find the rhythm. It was very, very hard but enjoyable.

33. GILBERT / JAMOUL – Citroen DS3 R5
We had a puncture on the rear right which we had to change

It was OK, Toward the finish of the stage we had some problems with the gearbox downshift but perhaps it has got too warm. We will see.

62. VEIBY / SKJAERMOEN – Citroen DS3 R3T
Rear left puncture. The last 10km we just started to feel the puncture, I have no idea where we got it. This was a really long stage so it’s quite a challenge.

68. BRAZZOLI / BARONE – Peugeot 208 R2
That was horrible! I have 50km with one puncture then I lost the brakes.

86. ANDOLFI / FENOLI – Hyundai i20 R5
Today it’s OK. Difficult stages today.

68. BRAZZOLI / BARONE – Peugeot 208 R2
Very long and very difficult. The tyres cause problems.

88. BOLAND / MORRISSEY – Ford Fiesta R5
We didn’t have a good time there, there was lots of gravel pulled out onto the road.

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