A Year, A Picture : Tour de Corse 1991

A Year, A Picture : Tour de Corse 1991


For the fifth leg of the World Rally Championship which contains 27 stages, 100 teams were at the starting line in Ajaccio on April 28th but only 48 were ranked at the end in Ajaccio on May 1st. This Tour de Corse see a hard fought 1st place between Didier Auriol and Carlos Sainz for a second year in a row.

As soon as the first stages, Didier Auriol, Carlos Sainz and Yves Loubet were fighting to take the lead. However, Yves Loubet had his chances to win gone up in smoke when his seat detached during the third stage, which makes him lose 10 minutes.

Schwarz takes a short lead over Delecour and Sainz thanks to his victory during the first stage. Unfortunately, an accident comes during the tenth stage that put an end to Schwarz’s chances of victory.

At the end of the second stage, Delecour and Auriol were hand to hand with 19 seconds ahead of Sainz who had lost time replacing the pump, heat exchanger water-air. François Delecour, who had the advantage until the seventeenth stage, was forced to give up because of his engine. He holds the second record of the most stages victory during this Tour de Corse with 8 wins. (SS5, SS10 to 16)

Didier Auriol and Carlos Sainz are the last two left to fight for the 1st place. Sainz got eleven seconds ahead of Auriol and managed this lead over Auriol during the fourth and last day to increase his lead to more than one minute over Didier Auriol. Sainz finishes the Tour de Corse with 12 Special Stages victories. (SS1, SS17 to 27)

Standings :

  1. Carlos Sainz- Luís Moya (Toyota Celica GT-4) en 7 h 05 min 29 s
  2. Didier Auriol- Bernard Occelli (Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v) à 1 min 05 s
  3. Franco Cunico- Stefano Evangelisti (Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4×4) à 6 min 10 s

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