A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1990

A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1990


Thirty special stages are planned for the 34th edition of the Tour de Corse. On May 6th, 94 cars lined up on the starting line in Ajaccio for a race that will make them drive through Abla and Calvi. On top of the World Championship ranking, thanks to a victory at Monte-Carlo four months earlier, Didier Auriol is the favorite for his own succession as the winner of the Beauty Island.

The first day was very short with only four Special Stages (SS). Yves Loubet, who won the first two SS is losing a lot of time because of a flat tyre during the third SS. Carlos Sainz take advantage of this setback by taking the lead at the end of the first day.

Didier Auriol, who was just behind Sainz, is stealing the lead to Sainz at the beginning of the second day. He is taking advantage and of Carlos Sainz’s fright as he was driving at 150 km/h and faced a car that was backing up; the driver’s dexterity allowed him to barely avoid the other vehicle. This moment stayed in Sainz’s mind for the rest of the race as he drove more carefully during the special stages, but lost many seconds over Auriol for the rest of the Rally.

During this second day, Loubet managed to get brilliant times allowing him to close the gap with Auriol’s Lancia. Unfortunately for the insular driver, his bad luck at the beginning of the third day, as the joint link in his car broke down and so did his wish to triumph on his island of birth.

Thanks to his seventeen best times, Didier Auriol increases the gap despite his transmission’s problems at the end of the Rally. The French driver wins his third Tour de Corse in a row, a performance that only Bernard Darnich managed to get before him between 1977 and 1979.

It is important to notice the second podium in a row for François Chatriot, who managed to be at the top of the rankings with the favorite drivers during this Tour de Corse 1990.

Podium :

  1. Didier Auriol – Bernard Occelli (Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v)
  2. Carlos Sainz- Luís Moya (Toyota Celica GT-4)
  3. François Chatriot – Michel Périn (BMW M3)

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