The legend is reborn
 © Gérard Pierlovisi

The legend is reborn


Nicolas Deschaux, the President of the French Motor Sports Federation, made the official presentation of the 2015 Tour of Corsica in the premises of the Corsican Territorial Authorities in Ajaccio in the presence of Paul Giacobbi, the President of the Corsican Executive Council, and a group of elected officials and local drivers. The French round of the World Rally Championship is making its return to Corsica and it will be very different from the other events. It will have an old-school route divided up into three distinct legs comprising strings of very selective long special stages that have forged the history of the event.

The main outlines of the 2015 Tour of Corsica

. To repeat the words of David Serieys, the Race Director: “The 2015 Tour of Corsica will enable the greatest possible number of fans to enjoy a magic setting and enter into a unique sporting universe associated with a particularly rich history.”

. The FFSA will offer the drivers in the WRC event a formula that has no equivalent and is far removed from what they are used to in their trip around the world.

. The Tour of Corsica name should be considered in the true sense of the term. The event will visit the two departments of the island, the Haute Corse and the Corse-du-Sud. Each evening’s halt will be in a different town (Bastia, Porto-Vecchio and Ajaccio), and it will also stop in Corte for a regrouping halt on Sunday 4th October.


. From a purely sporting point of view, the FFSA insisted on bringing its touch and its awareness to the World Rally Championship. The Tour of Corsica will give priority to strings of special stages of over 40 km each chosen among the iconic specials of the event. Each stage is more difficult than the next and as demanding for the men as it is for their machines:  there will be no service halts between them.

. The drivers in the sixth round of the French Rally Championship will also race in the 2015 Tour of Corsica. The event is open to all licence holders and all cars, and it will be run on exactly the same route as the one used for the WRC. Corsican licence holders will benefit from preferential tariffs and many of them are already tempted by the adventure.


. Finally, to give even more satisfaction to lovers of beautiful cars the FFSA is organising for the first time the Tour of Corsica of 10 000 Corners. This event, a unique concept, is reserved for owners of prestigious cars. Four legs and three regularity stages (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2, 3, 4 October) will be on the menu of a trip that will bring the participants to all corners of Corsica.



Nicolas Deschaux, President of the French Motor Sports Federation

“2015 marks the return of the World Rally Championship’s French round on its original playfield, Corsica. I am deeply grateful for the determination and investment put in by the territorial authorities to make this return a reality. The support brought by the international sports institutions, who allowed us to differ from the traditional scheme by offering an ‘old-school’ route, is as precious as the support showed by the Corsican Motor Sports Comity and all the regional associations. With such a territory, its villages and roads that are so tough to master, the enthusiasm and attachment demonstrated by the Corsican population, the skilled drivers from the World Rally Championship… all the ingredients are gathered to make the Tour de Corse enter a new dimension and be, for everyone, the great motor sports event that we wish to organize.”


Paul Giacobbi, the President of the Corsican Executive Council and Member of Parliament for the Haute-Corse

« After the start of the 100th edition of the cyclist Tour de France that Corsica hosted in 2013, we reach a higher step by receiving this time the French round of the World Rally Championship! We currently celebrate many different event, among which the battle of Waterloo; I hope the Tour de Corse will be the motor sports’ Austerlitz.”

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