2015 – SS6 : Muracciole / Col de Sorba

2015 – SS6 : Muracciole / Col de Sorba


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the 9 special stages that will constitute the 2015 Tour de Corse, with the collaboration of David Serieys and Yves Loubet. Dive into this edition, which will mix tradition and modernity. This week, have a look at the special stage between Muracciole and the Col de Sorba, the longest in the rally with 48 kilometers.

Analysis of David Serieys, the Tour de Corse’s Director: “One legend follows another with the Muracciole stage that has always been so significant in Tour de Corse folklore. The uphill climb to Vezzani via the majestic Rosipigliani forest and the descent to Pietroso comprise quick, flowing sections. The sprint through the narrow, bumpy Inzecca gorge is a real test of fortitude, before competitors race up the mountain and arrive in Col de Sorba – the highest point of the rally at 1,311m – after crossing Ghisoni, the umpteenth mecca of this island classic. The night takes place in South Corsica, in the salt city, the superb Porto-Vecchio.”

Key figures:

  • Saturday, October 3rd
  • 1st car: 13:52
  • 48.46 kilometers

Yves Loubet’s review: “This sixth special stage contrasts with the two previous stages (SS4 and SS5): it’s a track, almost from the beginning till the end. Except before the Inzecca gorge, twenty-five kilometers after the start, where there is a very small section that is a true mountain path. These are unforgettable moments, magical to take pictures, with a rally road from the old days. The same enchanted ambiance applies to Ghisoni, where the cars will pass through for more than a kilometer, surrounded by old houses. Then, the stage ends with a hill climb style road inside a marvelous forest. Despite this fairylike environment, the drivers will have to deliver a huge physical effort. This stage is a monument that they shall remember!”



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