2015 – SS3-5 : Orezza

2015 – SS3-5 : Orezza


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the 9 special stages that will constitute the 2015 Tour de Corse, with the collaboration of David Serieys and Yves Loubet. Dive into this edition, which will mix tradition and modernity. This week, have a look at the 36.43-kilometer special stage between Francardo and Sermano, which will be run twice.

Analysis of David Serieys, the Tour de Corse’s Director: “This stage takes place to the north of Corte in one of the island’s most beautiful regions. It promises to truly sort the men from the boys. The roads are very narrow, abrasive, bumpy and covered with asphalt from another era. Surprises are in store here! The stage alternates uphill and downhill sections.”

Key figures:   

  • SS 3: Friday, October 2nd. 1st car: 14:47
  • SS 5: Saturday, October 3rd. 1st car: 10:08
  • 43.69 kilometers

Yves Loubet’s review: “The third special stage of this first day will bring us to Francardo. It seems smooth and sweet, but then it flits around. It’s a beautiful road, similar to those taken in the sixties. When you reach the first pass, it’s quite tense: grass appears in the middle of the path as well as significant bumps. From Aiti, it becomes very very twisty, with lots of unbalanced curves and hairpin turns. It is tough to drive, because it’s not possible to attack and the drivers will make a good use of the front suspension. A bit further, they will go through roads lined up with chestnut trees that are dirty and dusty: quite restrictive but superb. The right hairpin bend at the entrance of Bustanico will offer an amazing view. To get out of SS2 and SS3, drivers will struggle, because they might not be used to this kind of pace. It’s quite a challenge that they will have to repeat the next day. Physically, it will demand mad concentration, few mistakes being allowed!”

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