2015 – SS2-4 : Casamozza / Ponte Leccia

2015 – SS2-4 : Casamozza / Ponte Leccia


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the 9 special stages that will constitute the 2015 Tour de Corse, with the collaboration of David Serieys and Yves Loubet. Dive into this edition, which will mix tradition and modernity. This week, have a look at the special stage between Casamozza and Ponte Leccia. This stage will be run twice next October, on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd.

Analysis of David Serieys, the Tour de Corse’s Director: “The island event’s first ‘marathon’ loop begins in Castagniccia. Its total length is 80km and will be covered practically without a break. Barchetta, Bisinchi and Morosaglia are all to be found in the first 30 kilometers of twisty, asphalt roads lined by chestnut trees, and these villages have witnessed some of the greatest scenes in Tour de Corse history. The final section is very different, taking in a wider, particularly fast downhill run.”

Key figures: 

  • SS 2: Friday, October 2nd. 1st car: 13:39
  • SS 4: Saturday, October 3rd. 1st car: 9:00
  • 43.69 kilometers

Yves Loubet’s review: “Even though the roads have been renovated, the layout of this second special stage remains narrow and tough to drive. A smooth and great coating leads to the village of Prunelli-di-Casacconi. Shortly after, there is a tight bridge where the cars will arrive at mad speed. An old symbolic Corsican bridge where you’ll have to aim accurately in order to go over. From there, you’ll find bumpy and granular roads that climb towards Campile. At the end, the downhill run will go crescendo with a few traps and a huge pace: it’s almost orgasmic!”


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