2015 – SS1 : Liamone Beach / Sarrola-Carcopino

2015 – SS1 : Liamone Beach / Sarrola-Carcopino


Each week, we unveil the details of one of the 9 special stages that will constitute the 2015 Tour de Corse, with the collaboration of David Serieys and Yves Loubet. Dive into this edition, which will mix tradition and modernity. This week, have a look at the first special stage linking Liamone Beach to Sarrola-Carcopino.

Analysis of David Serieys, the Tour de Corse’s Director: “After a start in Ajaccio, the first special stage of the Tour de Corse will start from Liamone Beach, in the Gulf of Sagone. This special stage and its 29.12 kilometers will provide competitors with an idea of what they can expect throughout the rally. It represents a complete cross-section of Corsican roads, from narrow, twisty sections to faster ones, a climb from the Mediterranean coast up to Casaglione, a fast downhill stretch to Sarrola and various different surfaces – in other words, every kind of challenge possible!”

Key figures:

  • Friday, October 2nd
  • 29.12 kilometers
  • 1st car: 9:23

Yves Loubet’s review: “This special stage gathers several pieces of the Tour de Corse’s history. In the past, the very beginning of the stage, when you climb towards the small village of Casaglione, was run in the other direction. From Casaglione, it’s a section that the Tour de Corse used to take very often, especially in the eighties. There always were a lot of people, even though it is less perceptible today, now that the road has been widened. Nevertheless, all Ajaccio will attend this special stage, since it is only a few kilometers away from the city. This first stage will start and end the same way: with a large road. However, in between, it will be very twisty and narrow at some places: if one of the drivers let one wheel aside the road, he will be punished instantaneously with a stone, a rock or a parapet.”  



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