Looking towards another day full of promise
Yohan Rossel and Benoît Fulcrand  © Agence S Presse / André Lavadinho

Looking towards another day full of promise


Yohan Rossel and Eric Camilli had a very good first day in which they mastered the conditions, and the two members of the Rallye Jeunes FFSA Team are ideally placed for the next leg of Rally France-Alsace. Despite a few mechanical problems, the two French hopes laid down a marker and proved that they were potential front-runners no matter what the glitches. Attack and consistency are the key words for the second leg on Saturday 4th October in the Haut-Rhin.

“Seeing our two drivers covered by a handkerchief is a result we didn’t really expect on the first leg,” explained Cécile Alméras, the Rallye Jeunes FFSA Manager.

“We have no doubts about their respective skills, but we didn’t think that Yohan would be able to achieve such performances on his first outing in a World Championship event. He tackled his race without any fuss in a calm state of mind and racked up good places on the first day ; while Éric also showed that he was able to put on good performances as he set three scratch times.”

The latter added: “By setting three scratch times today, we proved that we were quick. Tomorrow our goal is simple – fight our way up to second place!”  As for Yohan, he aims for a different objective: “Since this morning, we finished in the top five on several occasions. We’re trying to adopt a good rhythm without taking too many risks. Tomorrow we’re sticking to the same tempo by driving as we know how. Our aim is to be at the finish of the rally.” 

Rendez-vous tomorrow morning for 125,50 timed kilometres split up into seven stages: Vallée de Munster, Soultzeren – Le Grand Hohnack and Pays Welche – Riquewihr to be covered twice ; and finally the super special stage in Mulhouse!

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