A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1984
Markku Alén and Ilkka Kivimäki with the Lancia Rally 037 © DPPI

A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1984


After his victory in the 1983 Tour de Corse, Markku Alén strikes back in 1984. This edition marks the first appearance of the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 in competition, but the Lancia Rallye 037 continues to dominate.

For the very first time, the Tour de Corse makes a stop in Calvi. Constituted of three legs, the 1984 edition crosses the island from east to west to link Ajaccio to Bastia during the first day, then snakes through Corte until Calvi for the second day, to finally reach back Ajaccio during the third and last leg.

The 1984 Tour de Corse poses as a milestone since it hosts the beginnings of two new cars in the World Rally Championship: the Audi Quattro Sport and the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16. The first one is an evolution of the previous model (Audi Quattro A2), whereas the second one is a brand new vehicle, the sports version of the production model launched the year before.

The two sports car commencements are in fact quite different. Driven by Walter Röhrl, the Audi Quattro is hard to maneuver on the Corsican tortuous roads and the explosion of its engine marks the end of its trip during the first leg. However, between the hands of Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Ari Vatanen, the Peugeot 205 T16 amazes by its reliability and velocity, until Vatanen rolls over and retires; Jean-Pierre Nicolas managing nonetheless to seize a brilliant fourth position despite several punctures.

The 1984 Tour de Corse crowns Markku Alén and his Lancia Rally 037 for the second consecutive time. First beneficiary of the Peugeot drivers’ issues, the Finn is quite well-positioned when Vatanen leaves the road at the beginning of the last leg. Maintaining his pace, he finishes in front of his teammate, Massimo Biasion, who, by crossing the finish line in second position, makes it a double for Lancia.

The podium of the 1984 Tour de Corse is then composed of:
1. Markku Alén – Ilkka Kivimäki (Lancia Rally 037)
2. Massimo Biasion – Tiziano Siviero (Lancia Rally 037)
3. Jean Ragnotti – Pierre Thimonier (Renault 5 Turbo)

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