A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1983
Markku Alén and Ilkka Kivimäki with the Lancia Rally 037 © DPPI

A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1983


The 1983 Tour de Corse marks the peak of the Lancia Scuderia, crowned Manufacturers’ World Champion that year, which completes an unprecedented quadruplet in the Beauty Island.

1983 marks the 10-year existence of the World Rally Championship (created in 1973) and emphasizes the mechanical evolutions in motor sport, with the Group B vehicles emerging. The new vehicles, some of which will reach tremendous powers (with, for instance, the 600 horsepower of the Audi Quattro Sport E2 in 1986), are well-developed and outrageously dominate the competition.

The 1983 Tour de Corse is no exception. Composed of three legs, like the previous edition, the French round welcomes more than 170 drivers, most of them driving on their national roads. The few foreign drivers are nevertheless among the best ones, and soon monopolize the first positions.

The 1982 edition was about the very beginnings of the Lancia Rally 037. The 1983 edition is all about the supremacy of the Italian car. Jean-Claude Andruet, behind the wheel of one of these, is the only one able to compete with his European colleagues. Yet, he soon has to let the lead to Markku Alén, because of a puncture. Quite ahead of Walter Röhrl, the Finnish driver calmly manages to finish first after more than a thousand kilometers of special stages.

Lancia takes the four first places, completing there an unprecedented quadruplet in France in which Markku Alén finishes ahead of Walter Röhrl, Adartico Vudafieri and Attilio Bettega. The podium of the 1983 Tour de Corse is hence composed of:

  1. Markku Alén – Ilkka Kivimäki (Lancia Rally 037)
  2. Walter Röhrl – Christian Geistdörfer (Lancia Rally 037)
  3. Adartico Vudafieri – Luigi Pirollo (Lancia Rally 037)

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