A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1976
Sandro Munari and Silvio Maiga at the 1976Tour de Corse © DPPI

A Year, A Picture: Tour de Corse 1976


For its fourth edition in the World Rally Championship, the 1976 Tour de Corse consecrates Sandro Munari, Lancia’s ambassador who became the manufacturer’s icon along with his vehicle. Bernard Darniche fails to earn a second consecutive victory for only a few seconds.

For the second time after 1975, the Tour de Corse unfolds at the beginning of November, from Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th. This twentieth edition is just a round-trip Bastia-Ajaccio but totalizes more than 600 kilometers of special stages over two days!

Bernard Darniche starts this edition the same way he ended the last one, and wins the first special stage. However, the talented Frenchman comes across a tenacious opponent in the person of Sandro Munari. The two teammates deliver an outstanding battle behind the wheels of their Lancia Stratos HF. Over the nine special stages contested the Italian win five of them while his cadet takes the four others.

Leader since the second special stage, the Italian driver finally wins his third victory in the season, over ten rounds, after the Monte-Carlo and Portugal. With Bernard Darniche, less than twenty seconds behind (an extremely thin gap at the time, the third competitor being more than twenty-five minutes behind), they score a one-two for Lancia, significantly contributing to the transalpine brand’s victory in the Manufacturers’ World Rally Championship for the third consecutive year.

The final podium of this 1976 Tour de Corse is composed of:
1. Sandro Munari – Silvio Maiga (Lancia Stratos HF)
2. Bernard Darniche – Alain Mahé (Lancia Stratos HF)
3. Jean-Pierre Manzagol – Jean-François Filippi (Alpine A310)

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