The Rally France-Alsace – the WRC rally with the biggest audience in the world!
Car-Régie de CANAL+ au Rallye de France-Alsace 2012 © Agence S Presse / Claude Saulnier

The Rally France-Alsace – the WRC rally with the biggest audience in the world!


Once again the French round of the World Rally Championship attracted the biggest TV audience with almost 176 million viewers compared to around 77.3 million on average per rally.

“The FFSA is doing its utmost to develop the media coverage and the image of the Rally France-Alsace in the local, regional, national and international media. This strategy is being pursued through the quality of the organization of the event, the appeal of the route and the entrants, but also through the development of partnerships and innovative projects,” states Nicolas Deschaux, the FFSA President.

The FFSA continues its role as trail-blazer in terms of media coverage by renewing its partnership with Sport +, one of the Canal + channels, which provides exceptional live coverage of the whole of Rally France-Alsace.

In terms of radios, France Info and France Bleu Alsace provide national and regional coverage of the event – before during and after the rally – while the Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace, L’Alsace and Vosges Matin give the rally column space all year round.

Media coverage of Rally France-Alsace in figures

Rally France is the rally that receives the highest media coverage in the world in terms of figures with a cumulative audience of 175 794 350 TV viewers.*

This puts France in front of Rally Finland with 113 017 315 viewers and Rally Great Britain with 89 865 109 viewers. Rally New Zealand is far behind with 61 412 092 viewers.

More than 1000 articles and reports were noted in France in 2012,**0 in more than 300 different forms of media, almost 600 pages published in the written press, 6 hours TV and 13 hours radio accumulated – outside the full coverage by Sport +. The French media coverage breaks down to 72% Alsatian and 81% general public.


*Source: Etude Kantor Sport

**FFSA media study

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